Things I want to share with you.

As a teacher,

I believe that we are all teachers.

In fact, the quote at the very front of my Sanskrit textbook says just that,

nahī suśīśrīto apī naau

svaskandham ārohupau

Which translates,

"No matter how well-trained the tumbler's boy,

He will never be able to stand on his own shoulders."

We are all students of ancient wisdom that came before.

We all are teachers of the messaging in which our own soul uses to communicate truth.

As a teacher,

I want to share resources with you that taught me a lot.

These resources are taken directly from my month-long "Live Your Yoga" yoga mentorship program...

...And from my own bookmarks and notes.

This is the truth that I want the world to see.

Are you ready to begin your yoga practice or spiritual journey, but don't know where to start?

Start here.

Start now.

Read on for articles, meditations, studies, mantras, and more amazing content on my favorite yoga (and yoga-related) topics.


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