"Working with Taryn has honestly been life changing. Her light and joy radiated off her as she guided me through the four modules I had selected. Throughout the month, it was like I had a little Taryn in my pocket! She would provide such amazing support with what I was working on that week and often also worked out whatever I was working on too! It was so incredible to have her support as I learned new aspects of yoga. Not only did I learn about yoga poses and our breath, but I learned how to love myself more. Taryn always echoed these truths about ourselves that were so powerful— I have quotes by her written all around my room! Her words and teaching are so powerful… you will be changed for the better! And let me give you a little secret— everything is already inside of you. Om."

~ Katie M'Guiness (Month-long mentorship)


"When I first came across Taryn’s online yoga mentorship program, I saw it as an opportunity to deepen my relationship with not only yoga but myself, and it did just that. Ever since the beginning of my time with Taryn, I’ve learned more about myself, my purpose, and my connection to the Earth than I could have elsewhere. Taryn is a beautiful soul and such a light to work with. After each call I was filled with so much light, love, hope, inspiration. I am forever grateful for the time I shared with Taryn."

~ Mckenzie P. (Month-long mentorship)

"It was such a good experience and I was able to learn about my true intentions (vs. what I thought they were) and be able to create them. And I really enjoyed being able to have someone to flow with and to understand and share my light. I’m really grateful for that. Thank you!”

~ Jacqueline G. (Month-long mentorship)

"Taryn's mentorship program was everything I hoped it would be and more- she brought an open, supportive, and knowledge-backed approach to our time together. With tender compassion, Taryn humbly guided me through my questions and experiences and provided me with a foundation of knowledge of which I can dive deeper into my own yoga journey."

~ Sophie Heller (Month-long mentorship)

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