February 27, 2019


Go the way your soul pulls you.

Go, and don’t fight it. 

Let the wind take you with it as it floats over the vast, tranquil ocean;


It won’t be easy, my sweet love

No, it will not be easy. 

You see, the road that lies ahead

(The road that’s chosen you),

Is not well-populated. 

You will have to go it alone. 

You will have to do it all by yourself. 

In fact, this is where I must leave you...

This is where I give you over to you,

And you can finally see

How powerful your wings are. 


Your heart,

It will hurt. 

As you try on all the pain of humankind, 

sweet love,

Your heart will hurt. 

It will bleed. 


You will find as you go,

That you leave pieces of yourself behind everywhere. 

Let them stay,

They’re not really yours, after all. 

They’re not you. 

Keep going. 


As you go, wandering sadhu 

so fierce and present,

Yet so deeply entwined in a consciousness not visible to the eye trained on the Physical dimension,

As you go

It will come to you. 


You see,

You do not take the path in search of something

Break down the attachment to “Some Thing”;



As you travel through the layers of everything enmeshed in everything,

As subtlety becomes your language 

(until there are no words left),

You will see. 


You will see

That you were never alone

You will see

That I was with you all along 

You will see

That your hand has been held tight through all the thrashing nightmares buried deep in the dark night of the soul

(You can’t go around them, after all...

You must go through them.)


You will see, my sweet love

That you have been so held

So protected

Guided by something that loves you so much

That you had to surrender everything you thought you knew

To find what you were really looking for. 


...Can I tell you one last little secret before you go?

The end of your road,

(Which you will recognize with deepest warmth once you arrive)

Will bring you right back to where you are now. 

You will end when you arrive where you started. 

You begin your journey here,


With deep love


And in the blink of an eye,

Or perhaps a billion years,

(Or perhaps maybe both)...


You and I will be together again. 



Two becomes one

You are me

I am you 


I will see you when you look into my eyes 

And see your true self


Be strong. 

Be brave. 

And don’t look back. 


Go, my sweet love. 

Go with the wind

Go with the sea

Go where love takes you

Go where you go


It’s you’re time,








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