Travel Tales: Stealing a Puppy in El Salvador

June 20, 2018



This is a story about a life that I saved. 


This story begins on a sticky-hot morning while I was mentoring/assisting a Yoga Teacher Training in Playa El Tunco, El Salvador. I stumbled upon a tiny little puppy who was having a very difficult time. He was tied up with a rope wrapped several times around his head, shaking, and whimpering. He was so scared and cold that he could hardly open his eyes! There was a crowd of people standing around the puppy and laughing. I was horrified, and stopped to ask if the puppy was hungry/thirsty/sick, etc. There was a bit of a language barrier because my Spanish isn't very good, but the "owner" told me to go get food for the puppy and bring it back. Of course, I sprinted back to the hostel that we're staying at and grabbed food and water and then ran back to the puppy (who was now being loved on by my fellow yogi and good friend, Tori). I knew that wasn't enough and that I couldn't leave the puppy with the abusers - no way in hell - so I offered to buy the dog. She said yes, but that she would have to go ask her boyfriend first. She wanted to take the dog with her while she asked but we said "no way", so she went to go find him without the dog.  

She was gone for a little while so we... left... with the puppy! 

We took him back to the hostel where we were staying, gave him a flea bath, took him to a local vet, and FOUND HIM A HOME with a trustworthy family and delivered him there safely all in the course of an afternoon. We weren't even late to afternoon practice. ;)


Thus BEGINS the story of Rocky. Rocky is going to have a completely different life experience because of that morning. Thank you, lil baby, for reminding me how important it is to stand your ground for what you believe in. I love you, Rocky!


The meaning that I took from this experience is that when you see another person, animal, or other being struggling or being mistreated, it is actually your job to step in and make the change that feels right in your soul. Not everyone will hold the same morals as you - no way - but when you’re tapped in and living your life from a place of love for those around you, your inner compass will always point you in the right direction. Who knows - a single morning could end up saving a life!








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