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This is my selection of THE BEST Yoga clothing, consciousness-expanding gifts, and other handmade items.

Everything listed here is something that I personally use and love in my daily life and practice,


And it all comes from small, sustainable, shops and artists.

Mostly handmade, I would like to support these small businesses by sending you their way... 


...With and exclusive discount code for every single one.

Happy shopping! Treat yourself.


yogi surprise

Yogi Surprise is my FAVORITE way to get new yoga goodies delivered to my door, every single month!

Yogi Surprise is just what it sounds like - a surprise box of goodies (all made by eco-friendly, small businesses in the holistic health and yoga community) shipped to your home every month.

My favorite past boxes have included beautiful handmade malas (often inspired by different chakras), Ayurvedic hot chocolate (sooo yummy!!), Rose, Lavender, and Vitamin C oil for my hair and skin, headbands, props for my practice, and other self-care and wellness goodies.

I never know what my next box holds, but I always know that it will be amazing.

Wolven threads

Made from recycled plastic bottles (how amazing is that?!), Wolven Threads creates items that are environmentally friendly, high-quality, flattering, and adorable.

I always feel like a princess in my Wolven!




kinin eco wellness

Kinin is a brand whose mission is especially close to my heart.

Kinin creates an eco-friendly, 100%-natural vape pen that nourishes your lungs & body with essential oils.


Kinin is designed as a too for overall wellness, AND  to help vape users find a new alternative to nicotine.

Kinin has yummy blends like 'Meditate' (my favorite!), 'Focus', and 'Awake', as well as a special alternative program to help nicotine-users switch from nicotine to a non-addictive, chemical free lifestyle that promotes long-term health & longevity, rightfully titled, 'Switch'!

Get your Kinin

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Lylac Handmade is an Etsy shop based in India. Lylac is a shop that I have much love for, as I have been blown away, time and time again, by the authenticity and great love that the owner of the shop, Pragati, puts into everything she creates.

Authentic Ayurvedic self-care and wellness goods, yoga lifestyle products, and boho jewelry & accessories are some of the many treats that Lylac Handmade offers.

My favorites include the copper tongue scraper, Ayurvedic neem comb, and the beautiful snake wrap-around jewelry piece!

Support small businesses and buy your Ayurvedic self-care items from the sacred home of the ancient wisdom and tradition itself. Happy self-love!

lylac handmade


Ozei swim

Cute, simple, bikinis for a relaxing beach day.


Get your new 'kini today!

15% OFF code: TARYN15

25% OFF code: TARYN-25

My favorite bikinis for running around the island or chillin' at the beach with my friends.


Get your new 'kini today!


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